Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Daisy Mae Clampett: Three Months

In Daisy Mae, there wasn't a more opposite dog of Chester. Meek, underweight, scared of unparked motorcycles - this was not a fearless dog. She was clumsy. She shed relentlessly, peed and sometimes pooped on the rug, and occasionally vomited. No collars or leashes worked on her because she was like a snake with legs. One eye was crossed. For the first month she wore a cone collar to keep her away from the constant re-stitching of her cancer incision.

Oh! But there was a reason we called her "Ding Dong Daisy," "the Kangaroo," and "LSDaisy." She was the ten-year-old puppy. Every moment a new discovery. Her big sister and teacher, HoneyBun, showed her the way. If HoneyBun peed or barked, Daisy did too.
Honey Bun (l) and Daisy Mae.

At times I thought my grief would overwhelm me. I felt conflicted and silly, because I knew that one day Chester, like all of us, would die. And I knew that I would probably have to make that decision because he was relentlessly tough, tenacious, willful, and most of all, my bodyguard and protector, and he'd never  let me know the true extent of his physical pain. Having lasted fourteen years was miraculous in itself.

And now it has been three months with Daisy.  She was sick and listless over the weekend and I realized just how much we needed each other. I know she will not be here for very long - she is ten, after all, but I'm not ready to lose her just yet. Update: she's back to her old self.


The Cool Cookie said...

Damn it. It's not time for you go through this again. But, the again, maybe you need to go through this portal again, but when Daisy's ready. Love you, Cookie

Donna Lethal said...

Thank you my dearest friend. I love you, too.

cuckoovalley said...

Awww.. 'dorable daisy. We lost our 16 year old "Squid" last August. Most difficult decision but when she couldn't keep up with the pack we knew it was time. We give them comfort and love and let them go, maybe making room for someone new who needs safe haven. She'll always be by your side. Wishes of comfort from Toronto.

Donna Lethal said...

Oh dear Squid. Thank you, Kim. Ornithologists unite!