Sunday, December 08, 2013

Never Enough Liz

Like most of us (well, at least my readers), I'm obsessed with Cleopatra. I know the movie is mediocre, but I'll watch it whenever it turns up and I went thru that phase (like most of us) where I watched it repeatedly for different reasons - eye makeup. Costumes. Wigs. Dialogue. Liz and Dick body language. Character actors.

When Liz was denounced from the Vatican for "erotic vagrancy," my best friend and I found our new favorite term.

My soulmate sister in Hollywoodland, Kim Morgan, has written a terrific piece for the LA Review of Books on Walter Wanger's new tome,  My Life with Cleopatra: The Making of a Hollywood Classic. Wanger himself should write several books on his own life (I won't spoil - read Kim's review, now there's a man!) - but of course the Cleopatra debacle is enough for a book of its' own.

Wanger writes something that I never considered - having read a lot about this film and most of it derogatory towards Fisher (Burton called him "The Butler") and most accounts paint him as a pale substitute for a grief and death-shocked Taylor:

These are hypocritical times, when men are permitted to have more than one love at a time and women are castigated for the same kind of behavior. I believe that Elizabeth loves two men. And who is to say that a woman can’t love two men at the same time, any more than that a man can’t love two women at the same time? 
Read more of the article (I won't spoil) here and even more Kim at
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Jon said...

Eye make-up. Costumes. Wigs. What better reasons to watch an epic? Jx

GingerSlapp said...

Oooh, a "must-read" to add to my Kitschmas list!

Donna Lethal said...

I can't figure out my typeface today. Internet down, blah blah blah. And Merc's OUT of retrograde! Who cares when it comes to Liz?

jason said... to read this now.
It's one of my very favorite movies....even if I sometimes watch it on mute :)

Donna Lethal said...

Yes - you can make up your own Liz, Dick, and Eddie dialogue. GUILTY OF SAME!