Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holidays, Continued

I want to go to a church like Elise mentioned in her comment on my previous post. Wow! Catholics are all uptight and spooky and stuff. One of the best Christmases I ever had was in Germany, when we held candles and I sang carols in German with my future-but-never-was-mother-in-law, pretending I was very Das Blaue Licht (sorry, I'm not being a snob, I do love Leni Riefenstahl) and then after I'd go to Paris by myself for a while.

This year I'm heading East and will be doing a special 'charm/beauty educational lesson' reading with the incredible Tammy Faye Starlite. If you haven't caught her Nico/Chelsea Girl show in New York or Los Angeles, rush the next time she is in town - she is truly uncanny. But that's only one of her incredible incarnations.

The only thing I do still collect is beauty ephemera and I have a fun collection of such books. So we'll be choosing from the cream of the crop (or the bottom of the barrel) and casting from our rogue's gallery of New Yorkers in various parts. More to come.


Jon said...

Marlene's ABC is a hilarious read - I love it, and look forward to seeing what other celeb beauty and lifestyle manuals you have... Jx

normadesmond said...

may i apply for a lethal library card?

Donna Lethal said...

I"m ALWAYS happy to share. I'm not one of those "look what you can't have" snobs. I used to scan and upload to flickr til they got uptight about such things. I'm going to make a fb events page -- if anyone is on there let me know if you'll be around. Jon - yeah, MD ghostwrote it but who cares?