Sunday, December 09, 2012

Kathleen Howard: Dowager Hall of Fame

Why wasn't Kathleen Howard a bigger star? This weekend I watched both "It's a Gift" and "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" and she not only holds her own with W.C. Fields (nearly impossible), she gives it right back. As the put-upon, snobbish wife (one wonders why they ever chose each other in the first place), she huffs and puffs and operatically trills her way, hankie in hand, eyebrow raised, peering thru Fields' soul.

It makes sense that she was an opera singer-she even wrote a book, Confessions of an Opera Singer-because her voice is so grandly operatic and wonderful. Did Margaret Dumont just get all of her roles?


Michael said...

"Ambrose. AMBROSE?!"

Thanks for posting this. I think you should open a dowager school for etiquette. You could build a giant statue of Margaret Dumont and have the students worship it like the lawgiver in Planet of The Apes.

And thanks for all the great work on Dirty Old Boston on FB. My parents were the children of Irish immigrants and were born and raised in Dorchester.

- Michael

Donna Lethal said...

I bet your grandmother was a Dowager goddess! Mine was! You are welcome.

Donna Lethal said...

PS. We do have a Dowager Quarterly group on fb, but it's "secret."

Michael said...

How do I get into this secret dowager FB group? Secret handshake? Is there a lot of paperwork to fill out? Do I have to murder an enemy of the group? Will I have to practice a period of door-to-door ministry handing out the Dowager tract, "Musty Bosom", in order to gain membership?

Donna Lethal said...

Find me on fb or email me, I will let you in.