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Where on earth are my pills?

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Women's Comfort

Donna, I just signed you up for a subscription. I think you need the "Smiling Faces" column in your life. Me, I'm looking forward to the "Illustrated Stories of Interesting Housewives." Because I never knew there was such a thing! Although my curlers and I do hate it when friends just drop in without calling first ...


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House of Revlon

New York Salon, 1960s

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's Your Problem?

I have a stack of these old magazines from 1969, and I'm sending them all to Cool Cookie. Because reading them makes me want to either:

A. pull my brains out through my nose with a crochet hook 
B. change my name to Chaz
C. bake a diet fruitcake
D. sell someone else's children to the gypsies

What's my problem??? Click here for more.

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No More Mood Swings

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He Likes Them Curvy Chicks

(I usually don't post audio-only but how could I not?)

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Etiquette of the Day

on calling.
see "day goblins"

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Hammer Handsome

Head of Peter Cushing, taken at Ted Newsom's "Flesh and Blood" Hammer documentary last week at the New Beverly.

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He did.

I've posted this before but I just love this screengrab.

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