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Thank you for the joy...

Rona Barrett's Hollywood, May 1974

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Madame Arcati

I'm all about Blithe Spirit this week.
 from DoctorMacro

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Vacation Ideas

I really can't decide between highbrow and's all the same to me!

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My Dowager Doppelganger

Mrs. George (Marie Miller) Washington Kavanaugh
If she looks familiar, it's because she is the woman in this photo.

Friday, July 08, 2011

And Her Name is G

I picked up this gem a few weeks back. I'm a big fan of GV (the inside binding has her initials!) and once spoke to her on the phone. I had to fax her something and when she sent it back with her signature, it was exactly the same was it was on those jeans. Just perfect.

Anyway, this great book is not only part autobio, it's about the art of living. Something I enjoy very much. Take a look at the table of contents:

Even recipes and household tips! But most shocking of all to me was this tidbit: "Most important, I use a flat shading cake. Shading 54, which Way Bandy, the superb make-up artist, told me about, is available only through the mail. (The address is: RCMA Cosmetics, 352 New Spaulding Street, Lowell, Massachusetts.)"

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Hitch Hike

Play while reading (I gave you the audio so you wouldn't get distracted):

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Jivin' Hair

Go to my pal Jim Linderman's excellent blog (one of many) for more of these great covers.

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I Don't Know About You

...but I hope you did the bird this weekend.

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No, Mother, No!

I was going to scan this for our viewing pleasure but Chester threw up on it.

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according to Bob Conrad.