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We'll Have a Good Time

I lost someone who was one of the mother figures I've been lucky enough to have in my, for lack of another word, colorful, life. I stopped to see her in a Boston hospital on my way to the airport and sat with her for over an hour, looking at old pictures. Her last words to me were, "We'll have a good time."

She will unfortunately be remembered by a lot of people who didn't know her as something she wasn't, because part of her vast life story was made into someone else's movie. Like most characters, there was a shard of truth, and like most characters, a ton of falsehood. She was a mother to a lot of kids like me, and took in strays until the end. She was the only one who gave me hope that I would ever be pretty, taking me aside one day to tell me I wouldn't always be chubby, that I'd "slim down" and not to worry, I would be beautiful.

In the hospital, when she asked me to get her a cup of coffee, I jumped up to get one, because that's something we always did. The nurse laughed at me. "Coffee? No! You can feed her some ice chips." So I did, and rubbed her hair, because I knew that's what she liked. She fell asleep, and as I was leaving I told her not to worry, the house was clean.

Rest in peace, Alice.

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Crowning Glory

Any woman who wants her man to look at her like that would do well to get her hair styled here!

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Ask Tiffany!

The legendary Tiffany Carter, Miss Nude Universe 1975, will be is a guest here at Lethal Manor. Here are answers to your questions - thanks for sending!

Gimmicks: There's a few things you do. I've always worn my hair up on stage, under a hat or something and I like to fling my hair up and then drop it and let it go. I throw a rose out of my breast (cleavage), at this show in Texas, I threw out suckers (lollipops) from my bra. Years ago I did a Raggedy Ann doll act and I put suckers in my pockets. You don't see people do that anymore. It wows 'em! I only had three suckers on me and they all wanted more! So I do something like that. With the cat costumes, I did the black panther and the tigress, with black gloves with claws that lit up - I had an engineer in Boston make them. Leather glove with a switch in the palm of my hand with automated dials on each one I could make them go faster or slower. I still have them. This girl in Texas, Coco Electric, wanted to do a tribute to me and she did a really good job and made my cry. Now for her next act she wants to copy my cat act. I’ll be going to see her at Viva Las Vegas and we’ll talk more about it. I showed her the gloves. Today there’s much more modern ways to make lights on your fingers but back then! I came up with the idea and this engineer was right on it! He was right on it. That was one of my gimmicks for sure.

Tell us more about the cat costumes!

Bobby Gersten (our designer) - I don’t know why- but I got onto two types of cats: the first ws black panther – really tight stretch material and of course I always had the big tail in the back – I don’t know if he put coat hangers to make it stick out and bring it up between my legs and play with it! Long sleeve, tight top, and black headpiece with real pointy cat ears w/marabou with beautiful crystal-like whiskers. He put a gold chain like I had broken out of a cage. I had chains that connected from my choker down to my wrist and one around my ankle. Those were in gold with black boots!

The other was in leopard print. Bell-bottom pants with gold print. Gold beaded – Bobby always did it all by hand. Halter tip with gold trimming where the pants came up the middle and hooked inside your bra in the halter. Connected in the back. It had a headpiece with yellows and white like a lioness. Patterned after the old MGM Grand Hotel’s cat. I wore the chain choker with that, too. He made a little tiny skirt that was jagged on my t-strap with stones and beading. The headpieces were in a wooden chest when I lived in Oregon and they got water damage and so I all have left are the under pieces and gloves.

I used to have a round bed that turned as a prop. I had it made here in Hollywood and the case to carry it, like drummers do! I made different covers to put over it. It had a switch on the side so it turned and I could pose on it – leopard, white furry, a bathtub show so I’d take my stockings off on it. When I quit the business and got pregnant a club owner I was working for in Detroit asked me to buy it for his club. So that’s where it went! If it’s still there, I don’t know. But I recently got in touch w/a girl on facebook that knew me from Detroit and remembers me from the Manchester Club. The guy we worked for was Gene Flowers.

Keeping your looks: I did a talk show in Quebec and people were asking what kind of makeup do you use, what do put on your face, stuff like that. At the end of the show, the one last thing was, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” All I’ve ever used on my face is “Fruit of the Earth” Vitamin E cream. That’s all I’ve used for years and years. I get it at Wal-Mart! But I always wore Estee Lauder makeup. Now I’m going more towards the natural mineral wear.

Striptease Lessons: I was hearing about all these younger girls giving lessons. I wanted to go and see what they are teaching these girls! People ask us and want to learn from us legends, naturally. So I had a class in Atlanta and they forgot to bring pieces to practice with ! I was giving lessons on stocking pull, standing on a chair, sexy looks standing, panels, how to wear them – these girls are just putting it on and taking it off! I was trying to get the “tease” back into striptease. Every thing you put on your body is USEABLE! Use it! They are not doing that. They are learning great things with gloves but not utilizing other things or flexing muscles. They’re not flexing their arm or bust or butt muscles. A lot of women (bust flex) could do it with one arm! Flexing their butt muscles and shimmying and shaking it that way, back and forth. So we’re trying to teach them that, and to teach them to tease as they take their clothes off – stroke it as you take it off. Of course, their time is short – they are doing 5-7 min shows as we were doing 30-minute shows. So I showed the girls a panel, in between the legs, they’re just letting them hang flat and whipping them off. So that’s some of the stuff I’m trying to teach. There’s a lot of good stocking pull, a lot of good acts, but w/the other pieces, even their bras, they’re just taking them off and flinging them. Maybe just flexing back and forth w/their arms and boobs as they’re taking them off. More tease to strip tease and how to utilize. Their under pieces are wearing straight across as opposed to way up high on their hips like the showgirls did in Vegas – you’ll see how much nicer you look. The platform shoes may be in style but they do not make you look good on stage! Big no-no. Good old high heels are the best.

And we would NEVER get on a bare floor. Put something on the floor – a bear skin rug, sit on a prop – but never a bare floor! To me that shows no class. And this barefoot thing - we would always put our shoes back on. We would never run around barefoot. A lot of girls run around barefoot. But to me that’s a no-no. If you’re doing a bathtub or acrobat act that’s different.

Where can we see you now?

I’m teaching a class in Vegas Saturday June 4th. I’ll be doing the Legends Show June 3rd The Burlesque Hall of Fame at the Orleans in the main showroom. It holds 850 people!

Tiffany says: I am a burlesque legend, and have recently performed in Las Vegas at Exotic World with the Titans of Tease, Austin, TX in the Burlesque Review and Vancouver, BC.  I started in Hollywood, where i performed in such places as The Pink Pussycat and the Losers, where we did a show based on the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris.  I Performed in the late 60's all over the US and Canada, touring for 6 years then back home to LA. I now am performing only once in a while for these great burlesque shows that are coming up.

Check out Tiff in her Bobby Gerston black fox number on Vintage Showgirl.

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Her Face is Careworn

poor Clara Blandick. I can't look at her without thinking of her putting a bag over her head.

Throughout the 1950s, Blandick's health steadily began to fail. She started going blind and began suffering from severe arthritis. On April 15, 1962, she returned home from Palm Sunday services at her church. Her residence was 1735 North Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, California. She began rearranging her room, placing her favorite photos and memorabilia in prominent places. She laid out her resume and a collection of press clippings from her lengthy career. She dressed immaculately, in an elegant royal blue dressing gown. Then, with her hair properly styled, she took an overdose of sleeping pills. She lay down on a couch, covered herself with a gold blanket over her shoulders, and tied a plastic bag over her head. Clara left the following note: “I am now about to make the great adventure. I cannot endure this agonizing pain any longer. It is all over my body. Neither can I face the impending blindness. I pray the Lord my soul to take. Amen.”

Pass the Ludes, Mr. French


Includes recipes for banana cream cheese pie, donut Sunday, jellyroll pancakes, peanut butter French toast, and many more. "Buffy has many hobbies besides cooking. She enjoys putting on plays for the neighborhood children. She has a collection of miniature troll dolls. She likes to write stories and poems and to nicked, when she has time. She's a Girl Scout, too!"
See more at Old Cookbooks.

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Where Eagles Dare

the beautiful and tragic Jeanne Eagles, who bares more than a passing resemblance to our Miss Lily.


we only invite "special" people.

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Nice and Easy

Aids help you stay at ease.

(click to enlarge)

read the rest here.

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Cool Yul

My dear friend Cooper bought the Yul Brynner cookbook! He's kindly scanned some recipes for us. This one looks delicious. I've made this years ago, but not from Yul's book.

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From Tarzan and the Leopard Woman, with Johnny Weismuller. From Dr. Macro

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"Ask Pops Lethal"

Since his words of wisdom have become such a hit on my facebook, it was only a matter of time before my friends started asking.  Here we go:

  • Dear Pops Lethal: My friend Jim lives in California and recently bought a roll of Necco Wafers at a 99c store there. He was very upset because they were not what he remembered at all. I think they were stale. What should he do?
    tell jim theyre also stale here (in MA.)

  •  Dear Pops Lethal: I am a Lesbian living in Fall River Ma and I cannot find a gf ... any suggestions ?
    advertise guaranteed not to get u pregnant.

  • Dear Pops Lethal : I had a speeding ticket which i asked for a hearing, but then I forgot to go. What do I do ?
    no excuse pay the fine.

  • Dear Pops Lethal, My old friend Jet refuses to put up a current picture of himself on facebook. How can I strongarm him into doing that ?
    tell him youll bring up his conviction on bestiality that should do the trick

    Dear Pops Lethal, my boyfriend introduced me as "This is Barbara" the other night. I got really angry. What should I do?  Signed, Wanted to Kill 
    Kick him in the balls and say, "This is from Barbara!"


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Our Miss Eve

Maybe because I saw Whiplash last night.

from the LOC.

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