Saturday, July 31, 2010

Queen Dream

QE2's hair looked like her sister Margaret's, above, in the dream.  When the Queen changed a laddered  stocking, I remember thinking, "She has good legs because she's a horsewoman."
The airport ladies' lounge was full of girls dressed like the glittery lazy in this 1972 Biba photo.
Schiaparelli designed Zsa Zsa's costumes in 1952's Moulin Rouge. This dress looks nothing like the one QE2 was wearing in the dream, which was columnar and trés chic.

Miss Lethal thought her readers might enjoy a dream I told her about:
I was taking a flight to London and then it got held up because QE2 (the actual person) wanted a berth; she appeared in the ladies lounge of the airport in a long salmon pink Schiaparelli gown with Shocking Pink opera-length kid gloves, fuschia lipstick, and a long curling fall à la Princess Margaret. I stood up, respectfully, but all the other "ladies," who were lounging on a round golden bed like the one in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, just shrugged. You could hear them thinking, "We're Americans, & we don't believe in Queens." They were all dressed by Biba, circa 1972. The plane was huge and full of club chairs and smoked salmon, and the cabbie who took me to my hotel after arrival was named Barnabas Jones.
I only remember this because the cat woke me up. It makes you wonder what other exciting adventures we have while sleeping and never remember at all!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Above The Valley of the Dolls

A. RUFFLES ALL AROUND make a mini toga especially romantic. B. FRINGE is the thing to liven up a charming mini of smooth opaque nylon. C. BLACK LACE mini takes on a deep ruffled flounce down the front and around the hem — simply dazzling! D. TIERED MINI gown is lusciously soft crepe nylon tricot, given a dainty trimming of lace at bodice and skirt tiers. E. THE SHIRT LOOK — enticingly long, with deep lace-edged side slits. F. CULOTTE ELEGANCE in dreamy crepe nylon tricot. G. BRA GOWN shows off a lacy bodice that's lightly contoured with fiberfill for flattering fit. H. ROMANTIC TOGA spotlights a long lacy side slit, closed by satin bows. J. SLINGBACK SLIPPER with cage effect at front.
These girls were all just a little too prim and proper and flat to get cast in Beyond The Valley of the Dolls, though H, because of her J, had the best shot at becoming Casey, The Swinger.

To hear some Sweet Talkin' Candyman and see cover ups for these young sluts, go to tumblr @ wishbook 1970.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just stop!

That's Sandie Shaw, in Italian.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Luxuriant Bathroom Fur

Don't step on Pussy! Her lush, silky-touch depths blend right into the bath mat.

So sensible to have urine colored toilet seat covers, tank sets, and commode mats in a bathroom!
Discover how effortlessly you can turn a drab bathroom into a stylish and cozy showplace. Easy-to-follow instructions are included with merchandise. Presto! You have a beautiful vista of color! You will never be on your knees again to scrub a bare floor!

Does anyone else have a problem with the sanitation issues here? Look at all those fuzzy follicles for germs to stake a claim in! And why would anyone cover their tank with nylon pile? To make a softer resting place for the toilet paper cozy and/or artificial flowers? Even the waste basket and Kleenex dispenser got to wear fake fur coats in the 70s! For more bacterial overgrowth see tumblr @ wishbook1970.

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Shoe Heaven

Retail Director (Geraldine) Jerry Stutz of I. Miller & Sons posing w. opened boxes of women's shoes.
Margaret Bourke-White, 1956

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The "Weekender"

This "weekender" is neat! It lets you arrive in style, relax in fashion without any fuss. By switching the pants of this 4-season suit, you create the fashion look you want: dress or casual. Another neat trick? You never press the suit. Either clean in coin-operated machine or machine wash, med.; tumble dry and wear.
Notice the knight chess piece at the center top of the page? That's to make this get-up seem classy. But any year 'round suit that comes with plaid pants and never needs pressing is not classy. Ray's an up 'n coming pusher, however, and Dori will do anything for Quaaludes, even pretend to worship someone who wears a suit that can be cleaned in a coin-operated machine. Neat! For more see tumblr @ wishbook1970.

Dori Does The Boardroom

The guy in green on the right is cocking his thumb at Dori, saying, “You wouldn’t believe what this rat-faced little chick will do for Quaaludes.” The guy in the middle is adjusting his tie in anticipation, while Dori says, “That’s right, anything!” The guy in blue on the left is thinking, “What are Quaaludes, and how do I get some?”
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Dreams Can Come True: The Joey Heatherton Edition

I met her last night.

Quiet Good Taste

Oh, is that what it's called? Looks like Ted Koppel's elbows are stuck on "crook." Click to enlarge for full effect. More Montgomery Ward Fall and WInter 1970 on tumblr @ wishbook1970.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Food? How Pesky!

Mmmm! Homogenized liquid emulsions!

Courtesy Numero Six.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lethal Library: "Mr. Madam," by Kenneth Marlowe

Kenneth Marlowe was an active homosexual, a female impersonator, a male whore in an all female cathouse, and the "madam" of a homosexual whorehouse that "serviced" an exclusive Hollywood clientele.

He was kept in bondage by the Mafia and escaped. He was drafted into the army, then raped by fourteen men. He was a mark for every form of sexual atrocity, the lumberjack's darling, the sailor's pet, and "B-Girl" who could be had, the object of sordid curiosity for tourists who could later shock the folks back home by saying, "I danced with a man in woman's clothing!" This was Kenneth Marlowe as he was.

Today Kenneth Marlowe is older, more mature, and can look back upon his life with remarkable objectivity. He can look back upon a bizarre world of love-hungry homosexuals, whores, pimps, queers, sexual degenerates, libertines, orgies -- and he can write about it with shocking candor.

As opposed to a ... passive homosexual? Oh, God Save the Queen! Imagine my delight when I found this gem the other day at one of my local used bookstores (and my delight that there still are local used bookstores.)

Just look at the cover! Of course it has an intro by a "Doctor."

Here's Kenneth in action. There's more pix in the book which I'll be scanning soon, but I wanted to get this posted as soon as I could!

Note the "my insurance didn't cover homicide" bit ...

Here's the 1973 British reprint edition:

Monday, July 05, 2010

The 1970 Wish Book

They're singing snatches of Jesus Christ Superstar to each other.
Fabiani likes his ciggies.

I kind of got sick of Gothic Romance Paperbacks at the end of those lectures, and was at a loss over what to offer such a sophisticated audience next. But then I remembered this catalog. I found it on a road trip up the Great River Road to Quad Cities, a bustling metropolis comprising Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa and Moline and Rock Island, Illinois. We made up a song for the journey called Quad City Woman! which basically repeats the chorus "Quad City Woman!" over and over in a Harry Chapinish way. There was nothing else to add to the lyrics because there is absolutely nothing in Quad Cities to sing about. On the way back home through all the quaint old river towns which are now populated solely by toxic meth lab fumes, we stopped at a junk store and nabbed this catalog. The best product, copy, and photography 1970 had to offer is contained in its 1444 pages. It has its own Designer Advisory Council! I love every page in it, and hope you will, too. The scans may be a little wobbly, because I haven't figured out how to crack the 3 inch spine yet, but you'll get the gist of its splendour despite the lack of focus. I'll be posting background music and additional scans on tumblr @ Wishbook1970, because it would take either 28 or 208 years to post a page per week here, depending on how I do the math wrong.

Lesson 13: Your Doctorate

Because all that hard work earned it! Click to enlarge and print. Suitable for framing.

Friday, July 02, 2010

"The Woman Should Wear the Dress -

- not the dress wearing the woman."

"You have a beautiful wrist, Liza!"