Monday, August 31, 2009

It's One of Those Days

Where I need a great, big hammer!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

RIP, Simon Dee

Another ultra-fab obit from the Telegraph!

Simon Dee, who died on August 30 aged 74, was arguably British television's first superstar; he invented the persona of the trendy talk show host and became a cultural icon in the 1960s, watched weekly by up to 18 million viewers before his precipitate fall from favour in 1970.

As Britain's best-known fallen star, Dee occupied an unenviable niche in the history of celebrity: "Simon Dee Syndrome" was said to describe those who were better known for losing their grip on fame than for what they did to earn it in the first place.

Yet during his three short years in the public glare, Dee lived the sex, drugs and rock-and-roll dream, hosting the most popular programme on television, having affairs with Hollywood actresses, befriending the Beatles, stepping out with Princess Margaret and making (and spending) prodigious amounts of money. As postwar television came of age, and the era of colour dawned, Dee was undoubtedly the medium's hottest ticket.

Read the rest here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

The "Cat Man" - funeral notice

Anthony J. 'Huck' _____
local actor and entertainer

Anthony J. "Huck" ____, 77, of Lowell, died Tuesday, August 18, 2009, at Heritage Nursing Care Center, after a brief illness.
Born December 13, 1931, in New York City, New York, he was a son of the late Elizabeth Finneral Johnson. He moved with his family to Lowell in 1936, and was educated in Lowell. He was a member of the former St. Peter's Parish. Huck had many jobs throughout his lifetime, among them was working for Laganas Shoe and Trull Farm. He also played conga drum and sang in many of the nightclubs in the 1960's with the band "The 5 J's". Acting was Huck's passion, and as a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, he appeared in several movies under the stage name "Jerome Hawks", including the first independent movie made in Massachusetts "Sasqua" which was filmed in Lowell and the Dracut Forest, where he played a hunter. In Vermont, he appeared in the film "A Stranger In The Kingdom". He also made television commercials with Tom Brady. He treasured his friendships with Mickey Ward The Fighter's family, the late Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, among many others. Huck enjoyed being an entertainer and will be fondly remembered by many for his musical talent, his charismatic wit and his undying love of acting.

I wrote my own eulogy for him here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whisper: Inside the Pink Pussycat!

Tura Satana and I are getting together soon. I don't think she danced at the PP - I know she danced at "The Losers" - but I have to ask her. Now I want to try to track down some of these gals!

But wait! There's more, courtesy of this fab article in Time Magazine from 1961. Yes - 1961! Guess who's mom was the dean? Lenny Bruce's!

To prepare for a screen role in Seven Thieves, Actress Joan Collins dropped in at Pink Pussycat College to see how it is done. But most undergraduates are less celebrated—ambitious unknowns with names like Dee Pontius and Jo Lynn, who will go out into the world after graduation with new professional names selected by the college's vocational-guidance department: Peeler Lawford, Fran Sinatra, Toni Curtis.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pink Pussycat: WHISPER

Megan, my dear galpal in all things sickness, sends this amazing find! Article coming soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

MORE Fab Pink Pussycat names!

A reader sends this gem: "Donna, here's a scan from the Key Magazine for Oct. 13-20, 1966. The Key Magazine was a weekly guide for dining and entertainment in Southern California, and is a true treasure trove of this sort of information!"

Babette Bardot is one of the stars of Mondo Topless and Common-Law Cabin, two Russ Meyer classics. The name "Joey Pyne" is especially good if you don't know who Joe Pyne is - click here. You may call me "Peeler Lawford" from now on.

Thanks, Jim Stephenson!

Best Stripper Names!

a screenshot from "The Swinger," my favorite Ann-Margret movie, which has great shots of LA in the mid-60s. I just read in the Russ Meyer bio that this was located on Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cat Man, R.I.P.

that's him, on the right. click to enlarge.

Note: he died yesterday. I wrote this eulogy a few weeks ago. Here's his funeral notice.


Huck was dying. They finally put him in a nursing home, which made me sad, because I knew that he’d be stripped not only of his dignity, but also his weed. There was no chance of getting him any “medical marijuana” – not at his age and condition, although colon cancer was a pretty good reason. Huck had been smoking since the 1940s, before anyone smoked weed. He didn’t even like alcohol. Forget rock’n’roll. He was a purist. A beatnik from the get-go, with a pierced ear “before even fags had them,” someone at the Gaelic once told me, leading Ruby to nickname him “Queer-San” when she first met him, mistaking him for one. He didn’t mind, because he loved nicknames: “Professor Humbert” was what he gave the local newspaper when they photographed him with his 1940s Packard and they never got the joke. His real nickname, though, was the one that belied his true profession: The Cat Man.

It even landed him the cover of “Detective World,” because of his technique: scaling up buildings, stealth as a cat. One story has it that when the police came knocking, he answered the door in a maroon velvet smoking jacket, cigarette in holder, earring in place, with a quizzical, “Yes?” Another escapade involved a safe and a convertible, in which our hero tossed said safe in the back seat and drove off. “No one noticed,” he said.

What landed him in the Federal Pen was a roll of stamps. Planning to rob a country abortionist back when it was illegal, one of Huck’s gang picked up a roll of stamps off the Doctor’s desk on the way out. The Doctor was also the town postmaster. They all went to Leavenworth for robbing a federal post office.

Huck’s real dream was to be a movie star. He never made it, but he came close: a Dunkin’ Donuts ad with Tom Brady. He was a star to us, and once, after toking in the back alley behind the old Gaelic on Gorham Street, we danced to Billie Holliday on the jukebox. He was wearing a blue seersucker suit and a straw boater. “You do your father proud,” he told me. It was one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten.

This wasn't his issue - I hope someday to find it.

© Donna Lethal 2009

Oh, the Stupidity!

dumbest directions - ever?
Are you sure it doesn't go in my eye? And look at the size of that pill!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'When I'm in My White Mood'

I like to get smashed on cheap wine!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Newcomer at El Madhouse

from one of my favorite movies - "Screaming Mimi," 1958. Keep an eye out for it on TCM; it's been remastered (I hear) and is now on DVD, though I treasure my bootleg copy. With a cast that includes Anita Ekberg, Gypsy Rose Lee, Philip Carey and The Red Norvo Trio - what's not to love?

PS. Music by Mischa Bakaleinikoff

I once stayed in his former Hollywood Hills home! It still had the original basement theater seats. Check out his other credits.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My New Beauty Hero

CHICAGO - An 86-year-old Chicagoan who's been arrested more than 60 times pleaded guilty to the latest charge against her after being accused of stealing wrinkle cream and other items from a grocery store.

Ella Orko was arrested Aug. 2 after authorities say she stuffed $252 worth of items into her pants, including cosmetics, salmon, batteries and instant coffee.

She's obviously on the anti-inflammatory diet as prescribed by Dr. Perricone if she's stealing salmon -- and spry enough to walk to shop and steal by herself! Go, Granny, go - although I'm not crazy about her mannish haircut, she does damned good for 86:

She served her two days in jail; sadly, I could not found out the brand she stole!

Update! Orko allegedly took five packs of salmon, 11 packs of AA batteries, two packs of L'Oreal RevitaLift anti-wrinkle cream, eight boxed jars of Olay face cream and four jars of instant coffee, according to the lieutenant.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Star Hair-Dos: Linda Cristal

note the stylist: "Hair Designer Bill Jack of I. Magnin, Beverly Hills."

Thanks, Lex!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

My new favorite Dandy!

Barry Wine, Iron Chef America judge. It has been reported that Mr. Wine will restore the now-shuttered Rainbow Room to its former glory.

Friday, August 07, 2009

I'm blushing!

Look what an admirer sent me!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cynthia (The Body) Sinclair

Words fail. See more fabulous stripper images from phheww's photostream here.

Love Letter Straight From My Heart

Look, that's me, writing my love letter to Korla. If you don't know about my love of Korla Pandit, you can read all about it here.

Merci, Vincent-louis.

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Non-Guilty Pleasure

Blame Muscato - he found it first! Google books has 25 years of the Weekly World news online ... yes, you read that right. It's all there.