Friday, November 28, 2008

Liz Renay and Mickey Cohen go Nuts

My dear friend Art, a retired LA newspaperman, writes:

I remember Liz Renay and Mickey Cohen from my newspaper days. They often visited the city room. She was a beauty.

PS. Oh, yes. Liz always had FULL makeup.
(You know I asked!)

More: I always thought she was stunning as a young woman, although too much makeup even then. When she was in the city room, I would always make a circuit that would allow me to pass her by and get another gander. I am sure she thought I was a real goose.

Mickey Cohen, a good friend of Aggie Underwood, our number one city editor, would often come up,sit at a desk, lean back and put his feet up I walked past him one day and he said: "Hey, kid, get me a Coke." I went to Tom Caton, the city editor on duty and said: "To, Mickey Cohen wants me to get him a Coke. Do I have to?" "Naw," he replied," don't worry about it. I'll get it for him."

Cohen was responsible for the Herald-Express obtaining the Lana turner-Johnny Stompanato letters, which was a huge scoop and made headlines for days. I was not involved, but those were wonderful days. I always thought I was living in a movie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Making the Most of Your Looks', 1926

This gem was given to me by my dear friend, Eve Golden. Of course I wasn't insulted in receiving such a book -- in fact, I was overjoyed! It's chock-full of helpful information, illustrations, and sage advice. Today's selection is from Chapter VIII, "The Care of The Skin":


I suppose we all have experienced one of those unfortunate days when everything seems to go wrong, so that by evening we are completely exhausted both nervously and physically. It might not be so difficult if we could go to bed early, and sleep away all those kinks, but it frequently happens this is the very day when we have an engagement for the evening, and we long to look our best. Rouge and powder may help, but just as likely as not, they will only give an appearance of increased fatigue and haggardness, because the complexion shows the strain of the day, and does not take kindly to cosmetics.

If one of these times comes to you, will you see if you can claim for your very own, a half hour, or more if possible, at the end of the day? here is how to spend that blessed period. Take a good hot bath, and while the water is running, apply your cleansing cream to your face. Remove it, and put on the skin food. Close your mind resolutely to every worrying and annoying thought, and get into that tub and relax. Do not have a tense nerve in the body nor a disturbing reflection. Lie out in the tub as flat as you can, and like the farmer, do not even think. Remain there fifteen minutes, then take a brisk cold shower or sponge bath. Slip into your kimono or bath robe, and throw yourself on the bed for ten or fifteen minutes, and if you can, go to sleep. When you get up, remove the cream with an astringent, take a piece of ice and gently rub it over your face. Your body is rested and your skin is refreshed and stimulated.

Now for some fresh lingerie. Brush your hair until it is smooth and glossy, and take time for its arrangement. Next your stockings and slippers, and last of all your frock. If you use powder and rouge put them on at the very end, blend them patiently until your complexion has a fresh, natural appearance. A touch of your favorite perfurme on your hands, your hair, and at each ear, and you step forth. The feeling of fatigue and strain have left you, you are rested, and ready for the evening. You know from your feeling, from your entire attitude, that the time you spent has been well worth while. You will enjoy your party, or the theatre, or whatever your engagement!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girls, Gorillas, and Bandits!

Mark found this great site and it's amazing we hadn't seen it before. It's full of juicy Hollywood tidbits, such as these:

Actress Attacked by a Gorilla-Like Man

1924 At midnight on June 9, 1927, actress Doris Williams, 21, also known as Doris Dore, was attacked here in her apartment at 1924 Argyle by an assailant who carved the letter "K" on different parts of her body. She told police that a gorilla-like individual broke into her apartment and attempted to attack her and when she hit him, he overpowered her and carved her with what she thought was a safety-razor blade. She fainted, and when she came to 30 minutes later, she was lying in a pool of blood. Police said that the wounds looked like they may have been made with a pin, needle, or a pen knife. The cuts and scratches would not disfigure her, she said. After several days of investigating , police suspected that she had made the story up but they were unable to prove it.

Women Capture Girl Bandit in Free-For-All

Miss Margaret Bell, 20, was arrested at 927 Burnside Ave. in July, 1931 while attempting to rob an apartment. She was taken into custody after she out-fought Mrs. J. Wood, whose apartment she was ransacking, and a neighbor woman who had gone to Mrs. Wood's aid. Struggling like three Amazons, the women pulled hair, scratched and kicked, but the girl-bandit broke loose and got to the front door of the apartment building where she ran into the arms of two policemen, who had been called by other neighbors. She later told police that she would leave her hotel room at 729 W. 8th Street in L.A. every morning, take a bus to the Wilshire district where she looked around until she found an apartment where no one was home, then crawl in a window and rob the place.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Gorgeous George

A man after my own heart - and eyebrow pencil!

Newspaper caption: April 1954, Wrestler Gorgeous George (Wagner) introduces another new hairdo, "The Parakeet" The world famous wrestler, whom World Champion Lou Thesz recently termed a "perfumed freak" stopped in Hollywood recently to have his new hairdo perfected by his hair stylists, Frank and Joseph, the men who brought the poodle cut to the attention of millions of American women through Gorgeous George. After having his hair bleached , set and dried, he put on of of his more than 100 robes, and had two new Hawaiian orchids pinned to his robe.